Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday and Sunday, February 7 & 8, 2015 the Illinois, Nauvoo Mission sponsored the reenactment of the Latter-day Saints' epic evacuation from Nauvoo in 1846.  Our weekend was beautiful with blue skies and 40-45 degree weather.  However, just a few days earlier we had -11 degree weather and 6 inches of snow.
The Saints of 1846 left in harsh winter conditions.  The original plan was for a spring departure but by the end of January, disturbing threats of attacks, arrests, destruction of the Temple, stealing of wagons, etc. forced the Church leaders to insist on immediate departure.  On February 4th, 1846, Nauvoo resident Charles Shumway ferried across the Mississippi River, starting the winter exodus. For 3 weeks, while temperatures plummeted, wagons ferried across, often dodging ice chunks, and then scores crossed on solid ice after Charles Rich walked across the Mississippi on February 25th.

Why did they leave their homes, their fields, and their beloved temple?  Because they had a testimony of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that they were being led by a prophet.  They had a desire to worship God as they felt in their hearts without interference from others.

Elder and Sister Orme have left their home and loved ones for 18 months because of this same testimony of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is and always has been a blessing to us in our lives. The gospel teachings give us purpose and aid in knowing how to conduct our lives.  We would hope that we would have faith strong enough to follow the living prophet today.
We had the privilege to participate  in remembrance of seven of our ancestors that left here with the saints in the 1840's:
1- Shadrack Holdaway was born 1822 in Tennessee. He joined the church in 1843 and came to Nauvoo in 1844.  He was a member of the Mormon Battalion
2-Lucinda Haws was born in1828 in Illinois.  She was baptized in an icy stream in Feb 1843 when fifteen years old.  She traveled west in the Lorenzo Snow Company, 1848.
3- Peter Maughan, was born in England, 1811.  He joined the church in England where 1st wife died. He immigrated to the US with 5 children on same ship as Brigham Young.  Brigham Young was returning from his 1839-1841 British mission.
4-Mary Ann Maughan, was born in England 1839.  She came to US with father Peter. Maughan.
5- Mary Ann Warburton was born in England 1839. She traveled west at age ten with Ezra Taft Benson Company in 1849.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nauvoo: Our new home for eighteen months.

This is our home sweet home.  It is an old home  that has been added onto front and back, the second story is the old part.   There are two apartments with a common area for laundry and a shared bathroom in the back.

We were excited to finally been here in Nauvoo.   

Corn as high as an elephant's eye, if it is a giant elephant.  This field is just to the north of our house.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our second week at the MTC, involved Visitor Center training.  Our teachers were Elder and Sister Morgan, who were Roger and Judy Sorenson's mission presidents in St. George. (The Morgon's are on the left in the picture.) The other couples, one was called to temple square in Salt Lake and the other to the Portland Temple.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Provo MTC August 25-30, 2014

World map at Missionary Training Center

District Members  

{Left to right}  Our Trainer:  Elder Barney, Elder and Sister Egan, Elder and Sister Orme, Elder and Sister Memmott, Elder and Sister Peel

(Left to Right) Trainer: Sister Mahrt, Sister and Elder Egan, Elder and Sister Orme, Elder and Sister Peel, Elder and Sister Memmott,  Trainer: Sister Fisher

All senior couples at MTC on our week there.

 Received our mission call to Nauvoo, IL on May 28, 2014.